Now Matters Later... Think B4 U Send

Modern technologies offer us an incredibly fast paced lifestyle with little time to breathe between one moment and the next. For teenagers, this fast paced environment often equates itself with a temporary one. Teens who are already inhibited by an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex (the brain’s center for rational thought), are more likely to make decisions quickly, often without thinking through the permanent consequences in what they see as a temporary environment.

Sexting can be a particularly dangerous and troublesome consequence of this line of thinking for teenagers. A study published in Jama Pediatrics shows that 14.8% of underage teens are sending sexts and 27.4% receive sexts. The Now Matters Later presentation was designed in collaboration with the St. Louis County Attorney’s office and local law enforcement to educate teens about the risks and potential legal consequences of sexting. The program is intended to give students the tools they need to think through consequences and make healthy, safe choices about their online activities.

Schools and youth organizations are welcome and encouraged to host a Now Matters Later presentation for their students and youth and can do so by contacting Pia or Jeanne from the Sexual Assault Program at 218-749-4725. By providing our youth with the tools and resources they need to make good decisions, our youth will be better equipped to become stable, successful adults.

Now Matters Later Program Poster