Education Presentations

Our agency offers free “tailor-made” sessions for youth of all ages. Some of these are:

•Personal Boundaries: giving children information on personal safety, empowers them to say "NO" if someone makes them feel uncomfortable, helps recognize warning signals (instincts) when something doesn't feel safe, and explores different emotions. (ECFE, Headstart, preschoolers-2nd Grade)
•Bullying/Cyber-Bullying: What a bully is, what we can do to stay safe, what to do as a bystander, build empathy for others, and reinforces respect for others. (3rd-5th Grade)
•Sexual Harassment/Bullying Presentations: explains the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, provides safety options and tools, and will increase students' awareness of bystander responsibility, and the influence of social media and norms. (6th-8th Grade)
•The “Teens Stopping Rape” Presentations: provide information on teen personal safety, the dynamics of consent vs. sexual violence and the importance of developing communication skills within relationships. Also includes Minnesota Laws concerning the age of consent. (suggested age: 9th-12th Grade)
•Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Presentation (college and public) the dynamics of sexual violence and the importance of developing communication skills between males and females, Minnesota laws concerning the age of consent and sexual harassment.
•Personal Safety gives parents and professionals tools on how to get started talking about personal boundaries, activities we can do to reinforce our safety discussions, non-threatening and everyday teachable moments we can use to teach safe touch/unsafe touch with children, what are some signs they can look for, and what steps we can take if we suspect something has happened. (parent’s and professionals of preschoolers)

The presentations can include activities and hand-outs as well as open discussion time.

Through education, awareness and communication youth can and will be less vulnerable to crime.