SAAM I Ask Campaign

2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign Poster

This year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month embraces the importance of consent and respect in daily life with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s (NSVRC) I Ask campaign. Consent and respect are two themes for prevention that all people, young or old, can and should adopt into their daily activities. The I Ask campaign strives to normalize conversations of consent whether that be asking to hold another person’s hand, give them a hug, share their picture on social media, or engage in sexual activity.

The NSVRC and sexual violence advocates and agencies across the country recognize that a culture of empowered consent is necessary to combat the current climate’s rape culture. Empowered consent begins with normalized consent. Normalized consent starts with active conversation. I Ask aims to be a catalyst for conversation through social media and community/campus events. Join the conversation by going to and using the hashtag #IAsk.