Winter Newsletter 2015

Today will never come again. Be a blessing. Encourage someone. Show you care.
Share a smile. Lend a hand. Let your words heal.
Together we can make a difference

The Sexual Assault Program of Northeastern MN

1,301 Primary Victims have been served - A primary victim is the person the crime DIRECTLY happened to.
1,101 Secondary Victims have been served - A secondary victim is a parent, family member, loved one and/or friend that is affected by the crime against the primary victim
Total local Sexual Violence victims – 2,402
One-third of people served are children 17 years and younger

Advocacy Services Available: Crisis Counseling/Intervention, Crime Victim Rights, Follow-up, Information & Referrals, Personal Advocacy, Info & Support during forensic exams, Criminal Justice Support, Legal Advocacy (Orders for Protection, Harassment Orders, Civil & Family Court) Financial Assistance, Assistance in filing: Reparations, Individual, Group/Family and Peer Advocacy.

Total Advocacy Services Provided – More than 46,200

We recently moved to the second floor of Virginia's City Hall! We have also welcomed two new part-time staff members.