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Sexual Violence is a personal violation of a person's body, rights and privacy. It violates a persons innermost physical, psychological and emotional being. The crime is all to common within families, neighborhoods and communities. It crosses all ethical, racial, religion, and socioeconomic boundaries.

The Types of Crime:
Adult Sexual Assault
Child Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Exploitation
Obscene Phone calls/Texts
Adults abused as a child
Internet-Related Crimes (Child Pornography)
Sex Trafficking

What to do if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence:

  • Get yourself to a safe place.
  • Call a friend/relative for support. No one should try to cope with the trauma alone.
  • Call the Sexual Assault Program for options, assistance, and support.
  • Remember - it is never your fault for having been sexually assaulted!