Support Groups

All Groups are confidential and free of charge.

Support Groups offered at the Sexual Assault Program of Northern St. Louis County give you the opportunity to continue your healing with other survivors who have had similar experiences.

Women's Support Groups: Facilitated by a trained staff survivor, are intended to serve woman 18 and older in which sexual assault or sexual abuse has occurred. Days and times vary depending on group preferences.

The focus of the Women's Support Group is the direct effects of victimization, decreasing the feelings of isolation and alienation that women often experience as a result of a sexual assault, and developing healthy coping skills https://australian.../. In addition, providing healthy beliefs and attitudes regarding interpersonal/family interaction are explored.

Women explore concepts, such as: the effects of a sexual assault, flashbacks, low self-esteem, depression, interpersonal/family relationships, and coping skills.

Children's Support Groups: are intended for girls and boys who have been sexually abused. Groups are divided according to age and gender.

Specialized Groups: Groups for girls, boys, men, significant others, etc., are available when there is sufficient interest and staff available.