Medical & Legal Support

Medical and legal support can include, but is not limited to, systems liaisons with social services, mental health agencies, legal and law enforcement agencies, and hospitals.
Legal Support - can include:

  • Assistance in applying for Victim's Reparations. - The Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board helps victims of violent crime with certain expenses that result from the injuries from the crime.
  • Assistance in applying for Orders for Protection. - An Order for Protection is issued by the District Court to protect a person from abuse by a family or household member.
  • Assistance in applying for Harassment Claims.
  • Providing legal options and referrals

    Medical Support

    It is extremely important to seek medical attention whether you decide to report a sexual assault to the police or not.

    Medical treatment can:

  • Determine if you have any injuries.
  • Detect and treat sexually transmitted infections.
  • Help in the prevention an unwanted pregnancy.
    If you decide to report a crime, physical evidence can be collected for possible future prosecution.