Medical & Legal Support

Medical and legal support can include, but is not limited to, systems liaisons with social services, mental health agencies, legal and law enforcement agencies, and hospitals.

Legal Support - can include:

Assistance in applying for Victim's Reparations. The Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board helps victims of violent crime with certain expenses that result from the injuries from the crime.

Assistance in applying for Orders for Protection. An Order for Protection is issued by the District Court to protect a person from abuse by a family or household member.

Assistance in applying for Harassment Claims.
Human Rights
E.E.O.C recommended site.
Medical Boards
Providing legal options and referrals

Medical Support - It is extremely important to seek medical attention whether you decide to report this crime or not.

Medical treatment can:
Determine if you have any injuries.
The prevention of any unwanted pregnancy.
If you decide to report, physical evidence can be collected for possible future prosecution.