Supporting a Survivor with PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is well known for its affiliation with military veterans, however what people often fail to realize is that post traumatic stress disorder can affect any person who has experienced a traumatic event. This is particularly true for survivors of sexual violence. Sexual assault and abuse survivors are at high rist for develop Post Traumatic Stress disorder following the attack.


Digital Safety for the 21st Century Parent

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Parenting in the twenty-first century comes with a good deal of unique challenges that no previous generation has ever had to deal with. Congratulations! You get to pave the way into the future by parenting your kids’ technology use. The benefits of the various technologies that are available to your children are undeniable. Children that grow up with access to computers and the internet are going to be much better prepared for life in the world after school. Establishing a social media presence is considered almost essential for finding a job or getting into a good school these days.