The History of the Anti-Rape Movement

History of the Anti Rape Movement Blog Poster

Rape has been and will continue to be a pervasive form of physical, emotional, and psychological control over the less powerful and oppressed. The legal definitions and consequences of rape and the social implications of rape on the victims and perpetrators have gone through many changes throughout the centuries but the emotional effect on the victim and the controlling intent of the perpetrator has always remained the same.

Now Matters Later is in the News!

Now Matters Later Mesabi Daily News Article

The Now Matters Later sexting education and diversion program has made the news! Our collaboration project with the St. Louis County Attorney's office and law enforcement is making waves with high school students across northern St. Louis County. The program is designed help curb the up-rise in local teen sexting cases in recent years through widespread education, awareness, and an implementable felony diversion program.

Now Matters Later... Think B4 U Send

Modern technologies offer us an incredibly fast paced lifestyle with little time to breathe between one moment and the next. For teenagers, this fast paced environment often equates itself with a temporary one. Teens who are already inhibited by an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex (the brain’s center for rational thought), are more likely to make decisions quickly, often without thinking through the permanent consequences in what they see as a temporary environment.