Becoming an Advocate Volunteer

In the past two years Northern St. Louis County’s Sexual Assault Program has provided advocacy and services to over 900 primary and secondary victims of sexual violence.

Volunteer advocates are an important component of our Sexual Assault Program. Presently we have about a half dozen advocates that are active within the Program. We have both male and female advocates are welcome to apply.

Advocates volunteer in the following ways:

The Grooming Process: Steps Offenders Take Against Children and Vulnerable Adults

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The Grooming Process: Steps offenders take against children and vulnerable adults

1. Seek out a potential victim
Predators usually select a potential victim who is available and appears vulnerable in some way. Vulnerabilities can include cognitive/mental disabilities, physical disabilities, high intoxication levels, homelessness, age, etc. Predatory behaviors tend to focus on individuals with emotional needs such as friendship or other companionship.

Digital Safety for the 21st Century Parent

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Parenting in the twenty-first century comes with a good deal of unique challenges that no previous generation has ever had to deal with. Congratulations! You get to pave the way into the future by parenting your kids’ technology use. The benefits of the various technologies that are available to your children are undeniable. Children that grow up with access to computers and the internet are going to be much better prepared for life in the world after school. Establishing a social media presence is considered almost essential for finding a job or getting into a good school these days.