It's All About Consent This Valentine's Day

It's All About Consent This Valentine's Day Blog Graphic

Valentine’s day is meant to be a fun day of love, romance, and plenty of chocolate. Perhaps you plan to go out to a nice dinner with your significant other. Maybe the night’s plans involve an evening in, relaxing on the couch. Or maybe your plans are to go out hoping to meet someone new. Whatever your plans for this international day of love, remember CONSENT IS EVERYTHING!
What is Consent?
Consent is a clear “yes.” Consent is fluid and can be revoked at any time. Consent is not forced, coerced, or persuaded out of someone. It is a clear, enthusiastic, and freely given “yes” to any one specific action. Consent is conscious and not intoxicated. It cannot be bargained for. Consent must be of an individual’s own free will.
So remember, this Valentine’s Day…

  • You are not owed sex by anyone and you do not owe sex to anyone for any reason. Sex is not a payment plan or bargaining chip.
  • When she’s drunk, she doesn’t want to have sex with you. More importantly, she can’t consent to sex. Take her home, tuck her in, and let her sleep.
  • If your partner doesn’t want to have sex on Valentine’s Day (or any day), don't push them into it. Coercion is not consent. Watch a movie or have a nice dinner instead.
  • If you and your partner are clearly into having a sexy time with each other… GO FOR IT! (Just remember to ask for consent as you go.)