Becoming an Advocate Volunteer

In the past two years Northern St. Louis County’s Sexual Assault Program has provided advocacy and services to over 900 primary and secondary victims of sexual violence.

Volunteer advocates are an important component of our Sexual Assault Program. Presently we have about a half dozen advocates that are active within the Program. We have both male and female advocates are welcome to apply.

Advocates volunteer in the following ways:

Self-Care for the Sexual Assault Survivor

Self-Care. Androgynous person sitting cross legged overlooking the sunset

What’s the first thing you picture when you hear the words “self-care?” Is it a luxury spa day complete with fluffy white bathrobes and rose petals? Maybe it’s something a little less extravagant and includes an at home facial while eating chocolates and reading an enthralling book. Whatever the case, self-care means so much more and is surprisingly much more attainable than what most of our first impressions might suggest.


The Truth About Human Sex Trafficking

Truth About Human Sex Trafficking Blog Poster

Hollywood portrayals of sex trafficking tend to depict women who have been either picked up off the street or conned into traveling across the ocean in a shipping container only to be chained to their beds, starved, tortured, and beaten upon arrival. We are lead to believe that mysterious strangers with grand proposals or dark villains prowling the streets at night are inherently the enemy. We’re left with a renewed reassurance in the old “stranger danger” narrative of our youths and so are free to go about our daily lives free of concern.