SAAM I Ask Campaign

2019 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign Poster

This year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month embraces the importance of consent and respect in daily life with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s (NSVRC) I Ask campaign. Consent and respect are two themes for prevention that all people, young or old, can and should adopt into their daily activities. The I Ask campaign strives to normalize conversations of consent whether that be asking to hold another person’s hand, give them a hug, share their picture on social media, or engage in sexual activity.

Know Your Crime Victim Rights

Minnesota Capitol Building - Crime Victim Rights Blog Poster

Victims of crime in the United States are entitled to a certain set of rights called “crime victim rights.” These include the right to privacy and protection from harm, the right to apply for financial assistance, and the right to be informed of and participate in the prosecution process. This article intends to help you become aware of and claim your rights as a victim of crime.

Right to privacy and protection from harm

Sexual Assault Facts

Myth: Any woman could prevent rape if she really wanted to. Women can't be raped against their will.
Fact: A rape victim's first concern is to survive in the moment. When faced with a violent attack against a person's physical self, his or her body will respond in whatever way most likely guarantees survival even if it seem illogical to an outside observer. This response is often referred to as the Fight, Flight, or Freeze response. No one but the victim can say what he or she is or "should be" capable of during an attack.